Window Shade Trends

In 2022 organic materials and earthy tones became the leading window treatment trend. Embrace this naturalist design style with woven wood shades, or go simple with Roman shades.

Roller shades in duplicate and blackout fabrics have become their own for bedrooms to keep the sun out and home office Zoom-ers to keep the afternoon light from ruining their gaming. These simple roller shades offer stylish texture and easy operation.

Minimalist Window Treatments

Minimalism is a popular style in window treatments, but it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be pretty dramatic.

Window shades are a great place to use minimalist colors such as bright lime, leafy green, or rich emerald. Layered shades with alternating strips are another option for a subtle pop of color.

The minimalist look can also be achieved with woven woods in light J Geiger Shades that fade into the background. Natural materials are a great way to promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere; this shade is also eco-friendly.

Many customers value energy efficiency, and using cellular shades or insulated honeycomb blinds can assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home all year round. They also have minimal hardware and no dangling cords, a big plus for the minimalist aesthetic.

Woven Wood Shades

Bring natural beauty and a refined organic look to your home with woven wood shades. Woven from bamboo, jute, hemp, and other reeds, woods, and grasses, these window treatments offer beautiful texture, light control, and intrigue to any decor.

Use woven wood shades to elevate your bohemian or farmhouse style or complement traditional, upscale, and contemporary designs. Select from a diverse range of weaves, colors, and choices with built-in blackout liners, which can prevent the sun’s harsh UV rays from entering your room and safeguard your furniture.

For added convenience, woven wood shades are available in cordless or motorized options for child safety. 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades have become one of the most popular window shade trends adding style to any room. Their honeycomb design looks like crisp pleats and comes in a wide palette of colors to match your decor. Their main function is to provide excellent insulation, guarding against heat and cold to save energy costs throughout the year.

Choose single or double-cell shades from Treaty Oaky Shade Company for different insulation levels. Double cells trap more air than a single-cell option, increasing energy efficiency and reducing drafts.

Many cellular shade options are available with a top-down/bottom-up lift, allowing you to open your shades from either end. Upgrade to a cordless lift for a safer option that eliminates unsightly and hazardous cords. You can also opt for motorized operation for an even easier way to control your shades.

Smart Shades

Significant increase in customers prioritizes energy efficiency when choosing their window shades. The smart cellular shade solution is an excellent option because the honeycomb-within-honeycomb construction traps air to create an extra layer of insulation to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Another option is a motor pack, which retrofits your existing shades by replacing their beaded chain with a smart motor. This system uses a battery pack.

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