Window Grille Fasteners

Whether you’re looking to complement your home’s architecture, fit in with neighborhood style or craft a historical feel, grille patterns help bring character and definition to your windows. Often called grids, muntins, or mullions, grille profiles come in flat, contour, and square shapes.

Stainless Steel Concealed Clips

Window grilles, sometimes known as grids, muntins, or mullions, are a signature element in craftsman, farmhouse, prairie, and other types of architecture. They are typically removable and offer a clean look that complements any home.

When large sheets of glass were unavailable or impractical, windows were constructed with smaller panes joined together with strips of wood or metal called muntins. These helped distribute the weight of the window, and they visually divided the window into smaller “panes” or “lite.”

Stainless steel concealed clips have a receiving groove that snaps into the surrounding profile of full-surround grilles. They are available in ogee, putty, square, and contour to match various grille profiles. These clips can be used with wood and fiberglass windows.

Aluminum Bars

Many options are available, whether you’re installing window grilles for aesthetic or security reasons. You can select from a vast range of mechanical and electrical fasteners. Alternatively, you can choose low-profile adhesive fasteners suitable for light-colored grilles.

Aluminum bars are popular in some construction projects due to their durability and lightweight properties. They’re also easy to work with and require no special tools or equipment.

These grille clips are ideal for securing exterior wood window grilles because they snap into clips on the interior sash of the window frame. They’re also a good choice for replacing existing metal window grilles because they provide a more contemporary look. They’re also available in a variety of lengths and finishes.

Invisible Grills

Typically made from a stainless steel wire system, invisible grills are rust-proof and require little maintenance. They can withstand a lot of pounding and tension, making them a great solution for preventing burglaries. They cannot be cut with ordinary scissors and are hard to break in case of a security breach.

The primary benefit of an invisible window grill is that it does not obstruct your view, leaving you with unrestricted access to the beautiful scenery around you. Additionally, invisible grills can easily incorporate alarm systems, enhancing your home’s safety. This is a great solution for homes and offices with young children or pets since it can keep them safe from falling from balconies or other elevated areas.

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