A Peek Inside a 425-Square-Foot Astoria Apartment That's an Oasis for a Couple

Nathalie Lussier and Paul Jovet live in an apartment roughly the size of an average American’s walk-in closet, but that hasn’t stopped them from making it their dream home in Astoria, Queens. The 425-square-foot space on 23rd Street fits just enough furniture to accommodate their life together — a bed, a bookshelf, a pullout couch and not much else — but in the couple’s hands, it has become a refuge rather than an exile. I call it my little casita in New York City, Ms.

The entrance

As you walk into the apartment, you’re immediately struck by how light and airy it is. The walls are a pale blue, and the floors are a clean white. There’s a small table in the entryway, and on it sits a vase of fresh flowers. The living room is to the left, and straight ahead is the kitchen. To the right is the bedroom. Walking in, you feel like you’ve been transported to another world – one that’s calm and serene.

The bedroom

The first thing you notice when you walk into the bedroom is the giant plants. There are two floor-to-ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light and make the space feel even more open. Even though there’s only one bed, there’s still plenty of room to store clothes in dressers, as well as ample shelf space. You just have to be careful not to overfill your closet with clothes, says Kate. I try not to have too many things because I know I’ll never wear them.

The living room

This light-filled living room is the perfect place to relax after a long day. The comfortable couch and armchair invite you to sink in and enjoy a good book or movie, while the coffee table provides a convenient spot for snacks and drinks. The simple decor creates a tranquil atmosphere, making this room the perfect oasis for a busy couple.

 The kitchen

In the kitchen, there’s just enough space for two people to cook together. The countertops are clean and clutter-free, with only a few small appliances on the shelves. The white cabinets make the space feel bright and airy, and the plant on the windowsill adds a touch of nature. When one person cooks, they can easily chat with their partner across the room as they do so.

There is also an overhead shelf that provides storage space in this tiny kitchen–great for pots and pans! The living room: One of the things that makes this home perfect for a couple is that there is plenty of common area to share together. On any given day, one might find their partner reading or watching TV while one uses the laptop or reads a book on the couch nearby.

Some favorite things

In the heart of Astoria, Queens, New York, is a425-square-foot apartment that’s an oasis for a couple. The light-filled space has beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings, and large windows. The kitchen is complete with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The living room is cozy and inviting, with a comfortable couch and TV. The bedroom is spacious and has plenty of storage. The bathroom is clean and modern. This apartment is the perfect place to call home!

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