A Boring Living Room Gets a Luxe Makeover That Will Make You Never Want to Leave

Whether you’re living in an apartment or house, your living room can often be the first place that people see when they walk into your home. But sometimes it’s easy to get lazy and not put much effort into decorating this oft-used space in your home, which results in a room that could use some sprucing up and freshening up with new colors and furniture pieces. That’s why this stunning redo of a living room will have you falling in love with the cozy, comfy vibes that only come from impeccable design and excellent decorating skills.

Not your average makeover

This living room makeover is anything but ordinary. The homeowners took their bland and boring living room and turned it into a bookworm’s fantasy. With built-in bookshelves, comfy window seats, and an elegant fireplace, this space is now the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

The before photo

This living room looks like it’s straight out of a catalog. It’s bland, beige, and boring. The furniture is dated and there’s nothing on the walls. The only thing that makes this room stand out is the fireplace. Now we’re getting somewhere! The before photo: Now take a look at what happened when this room got an extreme makeover! Warm reds and golds cover the walls while crisp whites remain in place. Antique furniture was swapped for more modern pieces in order to bring some sophistication into the space. Rustic wooden tables add texture while contemporary artworks punctuate empty spaces on the wall beautifully.

The transformation

This living room went from being a boring, white-walled space to a cozy and inviting reading nook. The walls were painted a deep navy blue, and shelves were added to display books and knick-knacks. A comfy armchair and ottoman were placed in front of the fireplace, and an area rug brought in some color and pattern. Now this is a room that feels like home!

The book wall

Bookworms, rejoice! This living room makeover is for you. The before shots show a rather blah living room that looks like it’s missing something. But after some creative rethinking, this space was turned into a bookworm’s fantasy. The walls were painted a deep navy and covered in built-in shelves filled with books. A comfortable armchair and ottoman were added for lounging, and a chic rug ties the whole space together.

Amazing lighting

The living room received an amazing makeover that included luxurious lighting. The new lighting makes the space feel warm and inviting, while also providing plenty of light for reading. The new lamps are a perfect addition to the space, and the light fixtures add a touch of elegance.

What inspired you?

If you’re anything like me, you love books. But what do you do when your living room is too small to fit all of your precious novels? You get creative, that’s what! This before and after from luxe home design firm Amanda Nisbet Design shows us just how much potential a blah living room has.

Favorite parts of the space

This living room looks like it was made for entertaining! I love the comfortable seating area with plenty of space for guests. The bookcases are my favorite part – they add so much character and make the space feel cozy. The dark walls and ceiling make the room feel intimate, while the light rug and furniture keep it feeling airy.

Favorite DIY ideas from this room design

  1. The built-in bookcases – not only are they functional, but they also add so much character to the room.
  2. The cozy nook – This is the perfect spot for curling up with a good book.
  3. The colorful rug – It brightens up the whole space and makes it more inviting.
  4. The stylish desk chair – Anyone can sit in this seat and feel like a CEO!

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