Plumber Lane Cove believes in a variety of essential tools to effectively perform their work. One indispensable tool is the tube wrench, which is employed to grip and switch pipes and fittings. With its adjustable jaws, the tube wrench provides a secure grip and allows plumbers to use the required torque to loosen or tighten connections. Another essential tool is the plunger, which clears clogged drains and toilets. The plunger dislodges blockages and restores proper flow by creating a vacuum and applying pressure.

Plumbers often use a hand tool to chop pipes to the specified length. This tool features a pointy cutting wheel that produces clean, precise cuts. These are just a couple of samples of the various tools that plumbers believe hold out their important work.

Pipe Wrench

The tube wrench is an important tool for any Plumber Lane Cove or DIY enthusiast. Its adjustable jaws can securely grip pipes of varied sizes, providing a firm hold for turning and loosening fittings. The serrated teeth on the jaws ensure a robust grip, preventing slippage and minimizing the danger of injury to the pipe. The long handle provides leverage, making using the required force to show even stubborn fittings easier. Whether performing a plumbing project or tightening a loose pipe, the tube wrench is a reliable and versatile tool that gets the work done.


The plunger is the go-to tool when it involves unclogging drains and toilets. Its simple design consists of a rubber cup attached to a handle. The rubber cup creates a seal around the drain or toilet opening, allowing you to make suction by pushing and pulling the handle. This suction force dislodges the blockage and allows water to flow freely again. The plunger is effective for both minor clogs and more stubborn blockages. It’s an economical and easy-to-use tool that will prevent the effort and expense of calling a Plumber Lane Cove.

Pipe Cutter

When you have to traverse pipes with precision, the hand tool is perfect for the work. Its sharp cutting wheel is meant to attain the pipe, gradually cutting through the fabric as you rotate the cutter around it. This method ensures a clean and precise cut without the necessity for excessive force or the danger of damaging the pipe. Pipe cutters are available in several sizes to accommodate various pipe diameters, and a few models even have adjustable cutting wheels for added versatility. Whether installing new pipes or making repairs, the hand tool is reliable and ensures accurate and professional results.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable spanner is a versatile tool for tightening and loosening various fittings. It’s a movable jaw that will be adjusted to suit different sizes of nuts and bolts, making it a practical choice for a good range of applications. The wrench is formed of sturdy metal and features a long handle for leverage, allowing easy and efficient use. Whether performing on a plumbing project, assembling furniture, or repairing a bicycle, an adjustable spanner is handy.

Pipe Bender

A pipe bender is a specialized tool for custom installations to bend pipes at specific angles. It’s commonly used in plumbing, HVAC, and trade, where pipes must be bent to suit tight spaces or make a selected layout. The pipe bender consists of a group of curved handles and a bending shoe employed to shape the pipe. The pipes are often bent to the specified angle by applying pressure to the handles without kinking or damaging the pipe. Pipe benders are available in different sizes and used with various pipes, making them an important tool for any professional tradesperson or DIY enthusiast.

Pipe Threader

Pipe threaders are essential tools for creating threaded connections in pipes. These devices are commonly utilized in the plumbing and construction industries. Workers can easily and efficiently create threads on the ends of pipes by employing a pipe threader, allowing secure and leak-proof connections. This is often achieved by rotating the pipe within the threader, which cuts grooves into the pipe’s surface. The resulting threads can then be joined with other pipes or fittings, ensuring a decent and sturdy connection.

Drain Snake

A drain snake is a perfect tool when it involves removing stubborn clogs from drains and pipes. Also referred to as a plumbing auger, a drain snake is a long, flexible cable with a coiled end. This coiled end is inserted into the drain or pipe and then rotated, allowing it to interrupt up and dislodge clogs. The length and adaptability of the cable make it possible to succeed deep into pipes and navigate around bends, ensuring that even the foremost stubborn clogs are often effectively cleared. Drain snakes are commonly employed by Plumber Lane Cove and homeowners alike to keep drains and pipes flowing smoothly.

Propane Torch

A propane torch is a necessary tool for soldering and welding pipes together. Propane torches generate a high-intensity flame that will reach temperatures hot enough to melt metal. This heat is employed to hitch pipes together by melting a filler metal, like solder or welding rod, which is then allowed to chill and solidify, creating a robust and permanent bond. Propane torches are commonly utilized in plumbing, HVAC, and automotive industries for various applications, including repairing pipes, installing new plumbing systems, and fabricating metal components. With their portability and simple use, propane torches are a valuable tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast working with pipes.


With these essential tools, a Plumber Lane Cove can tackle many plumbing tasks efficiently and effectively. Consider contacting Izzy’s Plumbing Services in case of emergency services. 

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