Step inside this Swedish House that will make your Scandi dreams come true

Ah, Sweden. Land of cool design, hot girls, and, erm, Bjork. It’s also home to some of the most gorgeous Nordic houses you’ve ever seen in your life – or at least that’s what we thought until we saw this house designed by Sune Lindström Architects in Landskrona, South Sweden…

The Architectural Design of the House

The house is a classic example of Swedish architecture with its art deco design and clean lines. The house is situated in a beautiful location with views of the surrounding countryside. The house has been designed to be energy efficient and has a number of features that make it unique. The house is also surrounded by a number of trees which provide privacy and shade.

The Outdoor Space

As soon as you step onto the property, you’re greeted by a lush green lawn and a beautiful weeping willow tree. The perfect spot for a summer picnic or evening BBQ. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s even a climbing wall!

But the real stunner is the house itself. With its clean lines and Art Deco details, it’s like something straight out of a magazine. Plus, it comes with all the classic Scandinavian features like large windows and a cozy fireplace.

 The Living Room

As soon as you step into the living room, you can see why this house is called a dream home. The space is flooded with natural light, thanks to the large windows. The furniture is modern and sleek, but still cozy and inviting. The perfect place to relax after a long day. If there’s one thing we all need in our homes, it’s plenty of light! And this living room has more than enough to keep everyone happy. It also has a minimalist style that feels very Nordic and sophisticated at the same time. That said, there are some traditional touches too, like the fireplace mantel complete with family photos and fresh flowers on top. It really is the best of both worlds!

The Stunning Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of this home, and it’s easy to see why. The light flooding in from the large windows makes the space feel airy and inviting. The art deco tiles are a beautiful touch, and I love the way they’ve been used to create a backsplash behind the stove. The copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling add a bit of glamour, while the marble countertops keep things feeling chic.

The White Interiors

The interiors of the house are bright and airy, with white walls and ceilings throughout. The living room is spacious and has a large window that lets in natural light. There is a dining area next to the kitchen, and a staircase leading up to the second floor. The bedrooms are all on the second floor, and each has its own unique style. The house is decorated with art deco furnishings and accessories, which add to its overall appeal.

The Coolest Feature

This house is a must-see for anyone who loves art deco design with a Scandinavian twist. The house is full of original details and beautiful artworks. Plus, it has a gorgeous garden that’s perfect for entertaining. This house was originally built in 1937 by the founder of Svenskt Tenn (Swedish Silversmiths), so you know you’re in good company here.

In fact, the Swedish designer Claesson Koivisto Rune also resides here, giving you two reasons to visit!

It’s located near Stockholm but an easy train ride away from the city centre too – so even if you can’t live here, it’s well worth a visit!

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