Layering in texture and pattern for a stunning monochromatic aesthetic

In a perfect world, we’d all have unlimited funds to help us achieve our decorating goals, but money is always an issue. With this in mind, when faced with the opportunity to redecorate your living space, consider layering in texture and pattern to achieve an overall monochromatic look that provides your space with increased visual interest without breaking the bank. We’ve put together five of our favorite ideas that we hope you’ll find useful on your next big project!

The look

In this Austin home, layers of texture and pattern come together to create a stunning monochromatic aesthetic. The use of different textures throughout the space adds interest and depth, while the consistent color palette ties everything together. This look is both sophisticated and stylish, making it perfect for any modern home.

The materials

In this Austin home, the owners layered in texture and pattern to create a stunning monochromatic aesthetic. The use of different materials helps to add interest and depth to the space. stone floors, linen drapery, shaggy rugs, sheepskin throws, and leather furnishings all work together to create a cohesive look. The key to achieving this look is carefully selecting your textures and patterns so that they complement each other while still creating distinction between them. For example, by using natural materials such as wood, leather, or fabric as opposed to synthetic ones like plastic or metal when incorporating layers into your design will ensure that you’re creating an organic feel.

The move-in process

Moving into a new home is always exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to think about and do, from packing and unpacking to actually settling into your new space. But one of the most important things to do when you move is to make sure your home reflects your personal style.

The before photos

The home’s previous owners had great taste, but the space felt a bit dark and heavy. The walls were painted a deep tan, and the floors were covered in a dark wood. The furniture was also very dark, and there wasn’t much light coming in from the windows. In the second photo you can see that the new owner took down all of the curtains to give the room more natural light. They replaced them with sheer panels that allow plenty of sun to come in during daytime hours, while still giving privacy at night time. You can also see how they opened up both sides of the window which allowed them to add custom wooden blinds as well as better-looking drapes which provide another layer of texture and color.

The staging strategy

Adding layers of texture and pattern is a great way to create interest and depth in a space. When done right, it can also be incredibly chic and modern. Here are some tips for creating a stunning monochromatic aesthetic in your home – Think about different textures and how they work together. Are you using fabrics? Metal? Wood? Glass? The more tactile the surface, the better it will hold attention in an all-white room.

– Select only one major color (i.e., white) throughout the space as well as your furniture or accents so that everything ties together seamlessly. Remember that black won’t always do – neutrals like gray or ivory are also good options!

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