How This Minimalist Slender House Comfortably Fits a Family of Three

The name Slender House doesn’t sound like it would be very comfortable for families, but this stylish and spacious home defies its name with ease. Located in Singapore, the three-story, 2,360-square-foot home stands at only 25 feet wide and 95 feet long. The owners of the house wanted to create a space that was efficient and beautiful while making the most of the limited space they had available on their tiny plot of land.

The 3-bedroom home by Mokko Studio

At first glance, this modern home in Hiroshima, Japan looks quite slender. And at just 9.8 feet wide, it is one of the narrowest homes in the city. But despite its small footprint, the three-bedroom home comfortably fits a family of three. That’s because the architects took advantage of an open floor plan and high ceilings to make the most out of their compact space.

A spacious kitchen serves as a central hub for cooking and entertaining, while sliding glass doors open up to a deck that leads to the backyard. Even though there are only three bedrooms on offer, all three bedrooms have their own bathrooms so no need for taking turns!

The minimalistic design

The living room has two white sofas and a wood coffee table. The kitchen has all white cabinets and appliances. The dining room has a white table and chairs. The bedroom has a white bed and dresser. The bathroom has a white sink and toilet. There is also a small office with bookshelves, desk, and computer. There are no toys or messes in the house because it is minimalist.

The exquisite amenities

The house is equipped with all the necessities and then some. The family enjoys plenty of natural light, an open floor plan, and comfortable furniture. Plus, the kitchen has all the latest appliances and there is even a home office. The best part is that all of this fits comfortably into the narrow footprint of the house. A quaint front porch offers a cozy place to relax in the evenings. They may not be able to host any big parties or celebrations, but for them it’s more than enough.

The green design

This home is called the Slender House, and it was designed by Japanese firm Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. The home is just 2.5 meters wide, but it’s surprisingly spacious inside. The home is built on a narrow lot in Tokyo, and it’s just 7 meters wide. The three-story home has a total floor area of ​​92 square meters. Despite its small size, the house comfortably fits a family of three.

Impactful on the environment

In a world where we are constantly being told to consume less and live more sustainably, this minimalist slender house is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it defy its name by comfortably fitting a family of three, but it also has a minimal impact on the environment. By using sustainable materials and efficient design, this house requires very little energy to maintain – making it the perfect example of how we can live more sustainably without sacrificing comfort.

Space that works for everyone in the family

With its clean lines and uncluttered interior, this slender house is the epitome of minimalist living. But don’t let its narrow footprint fool you – it’s surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a family of three.

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