Clever Ways to Organize Your Closet

How many times have your closets been cluttered? You’ve seen shoes fall, belts hang insecurely, and clothes tossed on a shelf or hung on the rack with no organization. You can organize your closet in these creative ways.

We learn over time that organization gives us peace of mind, and makes our lives easier. It’s easy to get distracted by larger issues in life, and our closet organization does not have to be a problem. These smart organization tips will help you organize your closet, reduce stress, and ease your daily burdens.

  1. You should allocate space for built-ins. Built-in closet systems are a great way of making sure that you’re using every inch of your closet space. This system allows you to store accessories, clothes, and shoes, while still leaving enough wall space to allow for a pass-thru area where you can stand, walk, or sit to make your clothing selections. This feature can be achieved with careful design and you will soon be able to declutter with design in your mind.
  2. Make use of hanging space. Hanging space can be used for belt or tie racks and robe hooks. The back of a door can be used for accessories. These accessories could be final touches to your outfit, or items such as robes, that don’t require a designated area in your closet.
  3. A valet bar is a great tool for planning outfits. A valet bar can be used to create a clothing plan. This will allow you to try new outfit combinations and smoothen out your morning routine. Valet bars can be used to dry clean, highlight, or showcase your favorite wardrobe items, and more!
  4. Clear your floors. Your floors will remain clean and clutter-free if you have a place for your belongings and can easily tuck them away. This gives you a sense of calm and order. You can store virtually anything in doors and cabinets.

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