A Timeless Reno: Before and After Kitchen and Dining Room Transformation

When building their home, one couple insisted on preserving the historic character of their home, even as they remodeled it from top to bottom. The result is a beautiful kitchen and dining room that seamlessly combine the old with the new and embodies the couple’s desire to create an aesthetic that would stand the test of time. Take a look at how this timeless Reno came together!

The Living Room

The homeowners had a clear vision for their kitchen and dining room reno: to create a timeless space that honored the home’s history. They started by gutting the existing kitchen and dining room, which were small and cramped. Then, they added new windows to brighten up the space. They also opened up the floor plan to create a more open and airy feel.

Finally, they added some finishing touches like wainscoting and crown molding to give the space a more polished look. The result is a beautiful, functional space that feels both modern and classic. The before photo shows how dark and dated the original kitchen was.

In contrast, you can see in the after photo how much brighter it looks with new windows.

The after photo also features one of my favorite features of this renovation: wainscoting on all four walls! It not only gives a nice detail but helps make cleaning easier since there are no corners or crevices.

The Dining Area

The before shot of the dining area shows a space that was dark and dated. The wallpaper was old and peeling, the light fixtures were dated, and the furniture was heavy and bulky. In the after shot, the space is light and airy. The wallpaper has been replaced with a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures brighten up the space, and sleek new furniture gives the room a modern feel. This timeless transformation honors the home’s history while still feeling fresh and new. With its open floor plan, this kitchen and dining room make for an ideal gathering place for family and friends.

The kitchen

When we bought our home, the kitchen was one of the things that needed the most work. The layout was dated, the appliances were old, and the cabinets were in dire need of some TLC. We knew that we wanted to keep the original bones of the space while making it more functional for our family. After months of planning and execution, we are so thrilled with how our kitchen turned out!

It is bright and open with plenty of countertop space, a hidden pantry for all those items you don’t want on display, a breakfast bar for quick breakfasts and lunches at the counter or at the table. The light wood cabinetry keeps a clean look without feeling sterile. And did I mention that my favorite part is being able to see into the living room from here?

The Staircase

When you first enter the home, you’re greeted by a beautiful staircase. The homeowners knew they wanted to keep this area as is and focus their efforts elsewhere. So, we updated the railings and gave the stairs a fresh coat of paint. It was important for them to maintain the architectural integrity of the original features in order to honor the history of their home.

Other areas in the home

In the living room, we wanted to create a space that was warm and inviting, so we chose a color palette that would reflect that. We kept the same hardwood floors throughout the home to maintain continuity and to honor the home’s history. In the bedrooms, we wanted to create a space that was both tranquil and stylish, so we chose a light blue color scheme with accents of gold. And in the bathrooms, we wanted to create a spa-like atmosphere, so we chose a neutral color palette with pops of green.

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